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  • Dreama Rhodes presenting Undergraduate Research Poster Day (Spring 2018)

       Lab News and  Achievements

Congratulations to CCL’s graduating seniors: Dreama, Isabel, Rhiannon, Tracy, Evelyn, and Matt! (Spring 2018)

Congratulations to Tracy Saw and Isabel Leamon for being awarded the UCLA Dean’s Prize Award for their presentations during Undergraduate Research Week! (Spring 2018)

Read Dr. Tiffany Brannon’s article “Science Without Disciplinary Borders: How my Interests in the Humanities Have Strengthened my Psychological Science” here!   

Read Dr. Tiffany Brannon’s  article for the UCLA Bunche Center here!

Congratulations to CCL’s graduating seniors (Eduardo, Frida, Aaron, and Shani)! (Spring 2017)

Congratulations to Eduardo Lara for being awarded the UCLA Dean’s Prize Award for his presentation during Undergraduate Research Week! (Spring 2017)