Amanda Gong

Amanda Gong

Number of quarters in CCL: 1

Why do you think it is important to study diversity and inclusion? 

We live in a globalized world and people who we are interacting with are from diverse cultural backgrounds. It's our natural instinct to understand other people from our perspectives based on our own cultural experience. However, sometimes we may unintentionally hurt others or block the path of communication because we are unaware of the cultural difference. Learning more about diversity and inclusion can help and make the world more inclusive for everyone.

Describe a time you felt socially connected to UCLA? 

I entered college with an assumption that I won't have friends who are outside my cultural background. However, thanks to my Frisbee teammates who are always patient with me (they are the sweetest!), I feel like I became more confident talking to others and felt less embarrassed for my ignorance of other cultures.