Kassandra Ayala

Kassandra Ayala

Number of quarters in CCL: 2

Why do you think it is important to study diversity and inclusion? 

It is important and critical to continue exploring, including and voicing the thoughts of underrepresented communities. Diversity science is currently a subset of psychology when it should be the lens through which we study psychology. Conducting research in this area makes me feel included and essential to expanding diverse ideas into academia. I find it important to openly recognize different points of view from communities that are not extensively studied in psychology.

Describe a time you felt socially connected to UCLA?

The summer before my first quarter at UCLA as a transfer student, I took part in the Transfer Summer Experience (TSP). It was one of the most welcoming and culturally diverse programs that I have been a part of that made me feel at home. It is where I met my closest friends and built a community with my peers that I will always hold close to my heart.