Priya Dahiya

Priya Dahiya


Number of quarters in CCL: 4

Why do you think it is important to study diversity and inclusion? 

Studying and implementing diversity and inclusion with the purpose of justice is vital to create and foster spaces that not only recognize the specific struggles and histories of marginalized communities but also provide those communities with more equitable opportunities to thrive. Celebrating diversity helps people of different backgrounds feel more safe in openly sharing their experiences and developing their multidimensional identities. Moreover, these open dialogues across communities are immensely important for all people to understand different perspectives and to empathize.

Describe a time you felt socially connected to UCLA? 

I have found a home and support system through Indus, a sociopolitical South Asian organization at UCLA. The first time I attended an Indus meeting as an intern my freshmen year, I felt loved and empowered to speak on personal experiences of hardship and resilience. Since then, Indus has continued to validate my truths and has challenged me to grow with my community.