Shima Esmaeili

Shima Esmaeili

How long were you in CCL?
1 quarter

Why do you think it is important to study diversity and inclusion?  

It is important to study diversity and inclusion so that we can better understand the effects in everyday settings;  in academia and in the work place. Especially in a city as diverse as Los Angeles. Studying the effects of diversity and inclusion is a precursor for developing better environments so that people of different backgrounds can feel a sense of inclusion and continue to progress in their personal and collective growth. 

Describe a time you felt socially connected to UCLA? 

I did not attend UCLA, I cannot really answer this. But the time I felt most connected to a UC was during a workshop that was run by members of a greek fraternity for a sorority, which required a room full of girls to try and identify themselves in as many ways as possible, and seeing how diverse we all were made it so much easier to feel comfortable and connected.